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Threading is an ancient hair depilation method, it is said to have originated in the Middle East or Asia, Egypt, or India! The hair is pulled out with a twisted thread in one line. Not only that it pulls a line of hair from the root, and without stretching your skin, it also gently massages your facial skin area as a result of the twisted thread movement. I have been using the

thread for over 37 years.


Eyebrows Shaping (30 minutes) 

Eyebrows Cleaning (15 minutes) 

Full Face  (60+ minutes) 

Upper lip (10 minutes)  

Lower lip (10 minutes) 

Chin  (30 minutes) 

Neck (30 minutes) 

Cheeks (20 minutes) 

Sideburns (20 minutes) 

Nose / internal (10 minutes) 

Nose / external (15 minutes) 

Ears (20 minutes) 

Forehead (15 minutes) 



Sugaring is an ancient method practiced in the Middle East, cooked with sugar, water and lemon juice. Upon request and for an extra charge, I offer the honey sugaring

paste for for your special occasions and weddings. I have been using a

sugaring paste for over 37 years.

Sugaring leaves your skin moist, polished, and feeling like silk, it also delays the hair growth process when the treatment is repeated over a continuous period of time. Sugaring is a natural long term solution for those suffering from hormone imbalances. My sugaring

treatments ar repeated every Eight weeks, on average.

The sugaring paste is thinly spread on the treated area, then pulled with the hair direction, unlike artificial wax, it is pulled against the hair direction, it aheres to the skin and not the hair, which is why the hair breaks. The sugaring paste is applied at the same temperature as the body temperature, it is warmed and softened before application by hand, or on a candle light. Sugaring only adheres to hair, not to your skin.

Sugaring acts as a fantastic exfoliator/polisher for the skin. Sugaring is also great for lymphatic drainage, great in helping prevent varicose veins, if you follow this regime.

If you wish to try sugaring, for best results, and in preparation for your first sugaring treatment you need to refrain from using any other hair removal methods, for at least 3 weeks before the treatment. My Sugaring treatments are repeated every 8 weeks, as treatments continue intervals prolong.

Face Sugaring for Women 

Eyebrows (20+ minutes) 

Upper Lip (15+ minutes)            

Chin (20 minutes)  

Sideburns (20+ minutes)   

Neck, Back or Front (30+ minutes each) 

Full Face (60+ minutes) 

Full Face and Neck (90+ minutes)      

Upper Lip & Brow Combo (45+ minutes)

Upper Lip, Chin and Eyebrow Combo (60+ minutes) 


Upper Body

Full Arm (75+ minutes) 

Stomach (60+ minutes) 

Underarms (30+ minutes) 

Hands (20+ minutes) 

Full Arm w/ Underarms ( 90+ minutes) 

Lower Body

Bikini Line (30+ minutes) 

Bikini Plus (40+ minutes) 

Nude Brazilian (All Front and sides) (60+ minutes) 

Nude Brazilian (front & backside) (75+ minutes) 

Backside (25+ minutes)

Brazilian (only front) and Brows Combo (75+ minutes) 

Front Brazilian, Brows and Upper Lip Combo (90+ minutes)


Half Leg (60+ minutes) 

Full Leg (110+ minutes) 

Buttocks (60+ minutes) 

Inner Thighs (35+ minutes) 

Feet (20+ minutes)

Sugaring for Men 

Full Back w/ Neck and Shoulders (105+ minutes) 

Chest and Stomach (75+ minutes)


Our sugaring prices are displayed on our bookings page


High in Vitamin E

& Chemicals Free

Treat, Hydrate, Moisturise, Protect

Facial treatments guaranteed to rejuvenate and revive your complexion. It is one of the best ways to restore your skin’s natural glow. Facial treatments help to get rid of dead skin cells that promote the new growth of healthy cells. Experts believe that your body releases a hormone that makes you happy called endorphin when you are in your most relaxed state.  At the end of every facial, I use a skin toner to restore the natural Ph of the skin, close the pores,

and help remove any residual left from cleansing.


It’s advisable to get a facial treatment once every two months or depending on your skin needs. It is very important to maintain a clean healthy skin care regimen to delay the signs of ageing and fight the damaging effects of the external environment.

Diamond Facial 3 cleansing, nutritive and nourishing massaging stages (90 minutes) 

Pearl Facial (no salts used), a gentle cleansing & massage treatment. For sensitive skin (60 minutes) 

Silver Facial 1 cleansing stage + mask, or a honey mix rub. (60 minutes)  

Special Facial and eye treatment (90 minutes) 

Normal Facial with Whitening Mask (45 minutes)  

Wine Facial cleanser and toner for combination to oily skin, and Acne.  (90 minutes) 

Dark and organic Chocolate Melt and Frankincense facial. All skin types (90 minutes) 

Fruit Facial cleanser, toner, and nutritive. All skin types (75 minutes) 

Rejuvenating Facial (Lifting + Hydrating) natural salts, essential oils, natural waters and freshly mixed organic ingredients, to suit your skin needs, and a facial massage. Neck included. For all skin types. (Wrinkle eraser)

(120 minutes)

Vitamin C Facial cleanser, toner. All skin types (60 minutes)

Mini Facial For children or delicate skin  
(40 minutes)

Heba's Facial my own mix of ingredients to suit your skin requirements, cleanser, toner, nutritive and packed full of goodness. This includes the neck and eyes.
The full works, for all skin types and needs. (Wrinkle eraser)

(120 minutes)


Acne treatment facial, open pores, extracting black heads. Natural salts, essential oils, plus other natural organic ingredients to sooth and smooth the skin.

(90 minutes)


Some facial prices are displayed on our booking page.


A weight loss body wrap is generally a wrap which has a traditional detoxing effect.

The wrap works by detoxifying your body reducing fluid retention 

which can help you lose inches fast.  Ask us for more details.

(2 hours)


Energy Rebalancing Therapy is a natural, non-invasive and completely safe Energy Healing therapy that complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. It works by bringing energy equilibrium and harmony to your natural energy at the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels. It results from the flow of beneficial energy, channelled by the Healer to you, aiming to rebalance your energetic well-being, allowing your natural resources to work in the most efficient manner for better health​.


(90 minutes)


References to the science of reflexology were made around 2,500 BC seen in Egyptian Papyrus documents depicting treatment on feet and hands.

Offered as individual hourly sessions, or incorporated in your massage.

(60 minutes)


I work with essential oils and energies to heal body ailments. I offer, Reflexology, hot stones, different massages, Indian Head massage, Sports massage, Deep tissue, Swedish, and relaxing massage. Please be advised that Sesen Spa is Not an erotic establishment. 

Minimum of (60 minutes) & a maximum of (120 minutes)


Our prices are displayed on our bookings page.

Our prices are displyedPForF


Get pampered with your friends in the comfort of your own home and receive a 10% discount. On, Hen parties, birthdays, three generations home pamper, girls birthdays & wellness gatherings.



Minimum of 3 persons and maximum of 5


For Bridal bookings we offer 1 hour free consultation

We offer premium & natural bridal treatments and services

for the bride and her bridesmaids.

Egyptian Permanent Sugaring Wax for body hair removal.

Face & body 100% organic scrubs & moisturisers.

Acne/Age spots and wrinkles treatments

Natural weight loss solutions

Natural facials

Eyebrows & facial threading


We promise pore reduction, rapid acne reduction in time for your big day.

Clearer, brighter, and firmer skin.


In the last months before a wedding the bride embarks on a mission to find the ultimate

pre-bridal beauty treatments. We are here to help you put together the perfect program

to leave you feeling amazing about yourself as well as looking the most beautiful  on your day using all natural, free chemical and 100% organic grade ingredients. 

Please Contact us for a quote.


Sesen Spa offers free of travel charges home visits to Chipiona

residents for treatment above 125 €, also offered for Bridal and wedding services/bookings.

I use natural and organic ingredients

including Dead Sea salt, essential oils, clays, herbs, seaweed and raw butters

in my handmade 

products, facials, and scrubs.

Products are on sale upon consultation.

Age Spots and Wrinkles Scrubs & Moisturisers

A fine blend of ancient and organic essential oils for anti-ageing, wrinkles and age spots.

Stretch Marks Moisturising Rub

My homemade and organic stretch marks products are made of essential oils and natural butter mix.

Acne Healing Scrub & Moisturiser

for young and mature skin

An organic scrub made of dead sea salt mixed by hand with pure essential oils, oil carriers, seaweed and natural butters. Accompanied with a fine moisturiser oil mix to nourish, maintain the skin, and keep acne at bay.

Organic Dead Sea Salt Body Exfoliating Scrub

My homemade and organic scrubs will leave your body rejuvenated, purified, and detoxified. I offer 4 different body scrubs. 

Homemade Egyptian Sugaring Paste

100% natural luxurious homemade sugaring paste for

long lasting hair removal. 

Our Prices are displayed on our products page



One to one

Learn authentic threading to prolong intervals between treatments and eventually lessen hair growth. Learn the differences between authentic and generic/modern threading that is widely available now. Two techniques are offered at Sesen-spa, one for self practice, so you learn to thread your own face/eyebrows, the other is to practice on others. A model is required in the second, and a hairy face for both.

Our one to one Lesson is 14 hours and is carried out over two consecutive days.

Includes 3 hours after course support  in four to six weeks time. See more details on this service on our Bookings Page. 


Sugaring Application

One to one

Learn authentic Egyptian sugaring application to prolong intervals between treatments and eventually lessen hair growth. 


Our one to one lesson is two full days course. Includes a refresher course in 4 - 6 weeks.

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