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About Heba

Heba Cook


Homemade organic beauty products

Face and body sugaring & threading

Diet, weight loss & body detox

Body Wraps

Natural and chemicals free facials

Wellness Massages

Acne treatments

Age Spots treatments

Wrinkles treatments

Stretch marks moisturising rub

My Story


My passion is health and wellness. I grew up in Cairo, Egypt learning from my mum the proper way to do sugaring and threading. When I left home I decided to study what I love. I got my degree and training in Spa and Beauty in U.K. I also spent many years perfecting my homemade organic beauty products. Now in Spain, I offer all natural goodness in the treatments I do. I offer wellness massages, Reflexology and Energy Rebalancing Therapy.  


I am also an essential oils consultant. I mix my own potions to treat several skin ailments such as Acne, Age spots and wrinkles. I put my essential oils knowledge to use when it comes to body wraps and weight loss. My handmade organic scrubs, moisturizers, masks and natural essential oils mixes are available for purchase after consultation and upon request, as they are personalised. I work with ecological grade only, as well as cold pressed, carefully grown and cultivated essentials and carrier oils. We are continuously working on our FAQs page to gradually answer all questios you may have about any of our services, meanwhile please do not hesitate in asking any questions you may have by scrolling down to the bottom of any page on here, send us a message through there, we will answer all your questions as soon as we can. To read more about each service we offer go to Services page. We also offer a wide range of facials, please ask!

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